Endurance FIAWEC

Start of the fan-friendly FIAWEC World Endurance Championship coming soon to Silverstone

Le Mans is the most famous endurance race in the world, but it is only one of eight races that make up the FIA World Endurance Championship. Le Mans is during June, but the season opener is at Silverstone on 20th April. Whilst the famous French race lasts for 24 hours, the other races around the world from Shanghai to Sao Paulo last six hours.


Along with F1, the FIA WEC is one of the pinnacles of motorsport, and the arena where new electric-hybrid technologies are developed. These innovations are already being seen in road cars, showing the relevance to the everyday driver of the endurance series. To further prove the point, Nissan will be entering their ZEOD, the first all-electric car in Le Mans this year.

The FIAWEC is a fan-friendly championship, with pit walks and meet-the-driver sessions at all the races of the season. Endurance racing has an illustrious history and the WEC continues to push the limits of automotive design.

If you want to experience an exciting motor-racing show with all the drama that can be packed into a six hour race then attend one of the WEC races this year. With Ferrari, Porsche, Audi, Toyota and Aston Martin amongst the big names competing there will be plenty of excitement.