The pit stop ballet – Krohn Racing style

One of the teams competing in the FIA World Endurance Championship is Krohn racing. You can always tell them at the race track by their love of green. Everything about them is green from the car to the drivers’ overalls. It’s an elegant Italian green derived from a shirt bought in Sienna by team owner Tracey Krohn. I was sitting in the main grandstand at Spa-Francorchamps watching the race when the Krohn Ferrari came into the pits right opposite me. I couldn’t have been better positioned to watch the action. A pit stop is always an exciting event, even more so in an endurance event where the drivers are changing over. Mechanics race around the car, all knowing exactly what they are supposed to be doing. So here’s a documentary of the procedure, like a high speed noiseless ballet in the midst of a high octane six hour race.

IMG 3032 flaneur

The Krohn racing mechanics wait for the moment of action. The new driver stretches and gets ready for his high speed stint in the team’s green Ferrari F458.

IMG 3044 flaneurWith the car moments away all the mechanics line up. The lollypop man, the refuelling guy, the next driver and the mechanics with the new tyres.

Krohn 1 flaneurThe car arrives and the drivers change over. The refuelling rig is connected and the fuel tank refilled. Mechanics race in with the new tyres.

Krohn 2 flaneur
A mechanic straps the new driver into the car.

Krohn 3 flaneurThen the car is raised off the ground and the wheels are changed.

IMG 3056 flaneur

Finally the new driver sets off down the pit lane and returns to the fray.

I wish that I had had a stop watch timing the pit stop so that I could tell you that the whole thing only took x seconds. Unfortunately I was too busy taking photos. Suffice to say it was quicker than the service I get at my local garage.

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