How to get to Brands Hatch by public transport

UK Motor racing circuits are not easy to get to by public transport. This is the first in a series of articles explaining how to do it…

Of course the best way to turn up at a historic race meeting at Brands Hatch is in a Bentley Blower. However if you live in London not only are you likely not to own a Blower Bentley, there’s a good chance you haven’t got a car at all. Here’s the lowdown on getting to Brands Hatch by train.

The details are from London, but Brands Hatch is south-east of London in Kent, so from anywhere else in the country (except the extreme SE coast) get yourself to London and follow the instructions from there. This is how I did it, other routes may be possible.

Head to Victoria station, platform 5 and look for the train that stops at Swanley. The final destination was Ashford International. The train takes half an hour but they run regularly throughout the day.

Once at Swanley you need to get the 478 bus. This passes the entrance to Brands Hatch – ask the driver to tell you when to get off. The stop is reached in about 20 minutes, and is one of the two West Kingsdown stops. I travelled on a Saturday and the timetable at the bus stop suggested the buses left at five to the hour, though this timetable is slightly different. There are not many buses.

Returning the buses leave the stop outside Brands Hatch around 25 past the hour. Back at the station there are plenty of trains to London.

So the issue is getting from the station to the circuit. If you need a taxi it costs £13, or atleast it did that Saturday.

On Sundays there are no buses, so a cab is the only option.

I hope this helps.

Disclaimer – things change, check the details before you leave…

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